Saturday, September 1, 2007


Had a super busy and long day out yesterday. Since princess didn't have lessons, I had booked tickets a few days before to watch 'Ratatouille'. We went with my mum and spent the day together. The movie was really nice, except the part where the whole streetful of rats appeared. It really gave me the creeps imagining them to be real. Yucks. I don't think I would like that very much, to have rats cooking for me.

Following the movie, we went to IMM as it was right beside the place where we were going for an appointment after.

Of course the only reason I go to IMM is to visit Daiso. :) Coincidence of all coincidences, I bumped into Peony. How did I know it was her? I saw her little grandson, Ryan. Although he looked smaller in person than in his photo, there was no mistaking his cute droopy eyes. And when Peony called out his name, it was confirmed. Haha. So naturally had to approach her and introduce myself. It was really cool, to finally put a face to the name.