Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Oops, haven't been posting in the last couple of days, as really, there wasn't much to post. Nothing exciting happened, except outing with the girls yesterday. The kids had great fun, and us gals too. Our last holiday get-together before Sam leaves us to go back to work (after 3yrs staying home to take care of her girl). :( We're going to miss you so much, especially me. No more breakfast rendezvous for us while kids are in school. So sad. But of course, nothing but my best wishes to you in your new job and hoping for the day when we can rendezvous again like we used to.

Backtracking to Sunday, we were in Parkway and chanced upon a mini craft thingy going on in the basement atrium. I just couldn't resist getting a caricature of princess done. It turned out so cute, with the ballerina theme. And I was rather surprised she managed to sit there nicely for 20-30mins. Hehe.


trevshanhann said...

nicely done....she looks so cute hee hee

singairishgirl said...

Haha, it's great isn't it?

lilltots said...

ya Deb..will miss our morning meetings...that makes me sad.