Friday, September 28, 2007

A gathering of friends

Two of the Brownie Cupcakes which I made this morning which actually turned out. The rest had marshmallows in them and they sank in the middle and it looked like volcanic eruptions. Gosh! I can't even post it here. Too embarrassing.

This is princess' lunch today. Big foot roll with lettuce, tomato and beef patty, drizzled with some mayonnaise and tomato sauce and served with mandarin orange. She didn't like the oranges, though, as they contained too many seeds.

This was what greeted us when we stepped into Vivo. The flying car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

We had a nice lunch today, thanks to Karen and Al. But in return, I need to do some advertising. Hahaha.

We met with Sam for lunch at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Poor Sam, only 2 weeks(?) into her job & she's feeling pressurized already. So, good to meet up with her to bring some cheer into her life. :)

Karen had the Mocha Mudslide which they have a promotion on at the moment. I had a taste of it, not too bad. I don't drink coffee so can't comment on it. She also had the Roast Chicken Ciabatta. I usually go for the Smoked Salmon Panini but for today, I opted to have the Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli. So did Sam. It's hubby's favourite too, and he'll order it without fail each time we visit. I usually get the kid's portion as I'm not a great fan of cream-based pastas but I think I was hungry today, must have been my lack of sleep and all my exercise in the kitchen last night. :P


Sue Sue said...

Hey, Vivo City izzit the new shopping mall in Singapore? I was thinking to bring my kids for holiday this coming Christmas. Hopefully I can make arrangement with my hubby to go with us. :(

singairishgirl said...

Yes, sue sue, Vivo City is the new mall, right beside Harbourfront (used to be the World Trade Centre. Oh goody, it's a great time to come because of the school holidays and Christmas, there are usually life shows in the malls for the kids - barbie, powerpuff girls, etc. Of course there are boys' ones too. I know they have those too in KL. I was there one Christmas.