Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy birthday, angel

A happy belated birthday to dearest Hannah. May you have a wonderful life ahead of you, filled with lots of love, fun, and laughter. Thanks G, for the party too. Although noticed the star of the day was pretty exhausted.

Kiddy food. Didn't manage take photos of adult food as was too busy devouring them. ;)

The little cupcakes were very pretty and princess had 3. Had to stop her or she'd become too hyper with all that sugar rush. Have kept the donuts we bought today, away from her. Haha. No way was she going to have donuts before her bedtime or she'd be up all night. She was pretty upset at not being able to eat the birthday cake as we had to rush off, so told her I have a treat for her tomorrow - donuts. Hehe. The poor child was out the entire day from 11am till 8.30pm. First meeting up with her friend and family for a dim sum lunch at Suntec, then off to class, and followed by the birthday party.

Luminous jewellery?

Was lucky to pick up some Donut Factory donuts this afternoon at Suntec. On the way to Carrefour after lunch, we walked past the shop and friend noticed queue wasn't too long, surprisingly. So we joined in the queue. And just waited 10 mins at the most. Got myself half a dozen of them. Flavours were double chocolate which is supposed to be their most popular, peanut butter, chocolate raspberry, some almond, and the heart one. Didn't take note of their names so can't remember.

I still prefer Munchy's. The DF ones were too cloyingly sweet.


trevshanhann said...

Thanks... yes my little angel was tired but forced herself to stay awake until she could'nt and put her head down and was out!Good thing she loves people so did not cry even once ha ha

singairishgirl said...

Oh, she was great. Anyone could carry and she was fine. She is like a little living doll. Hehe. :)