Saturday, September 1, 2007

My School Rocks

Yippee, there's no ballet class today. So princess and I went down to Plaza Singapura (hubby didn't want to go out today), and had lunch at a sushi place. I recently introduced her to cold noodles (cha soba) and she loves it, so have been having lots of cha soba lately. I managed to pick up a packet of them at Daiso so I can prepare them for her at home. She also loves cold tofu (hiyayako), but she's rather sick of it for now so we have started on agedashi tofu (a deep fried tofu with soya sauce). The thing with her is that once she likes something she can eat it all the time and every time. I guess most kids are like that.

We chanced upon the dance competition 'My School Rocks', in conjunction with the premiere of the highly anticipated 'High School Musical 2'. It was held at the atrium today. My girl is crazy about it after her visit to Ireland last year, when she was introduced to it by her cousins there. I thought she was a little too young. I still think she is, to be into all these teen stuff, but she loves the songs. Well, what to do. She even knows how to sing most of them in this new cd and is asking to stay up to watch it when it airs on Disney Channel on 9th Sep at 7.25pm (I think - that's what she said). Her usual bedtime is 7plus, so not sure yet if will let her do it as there's school the next day.

Had planned to just make a simple oden set (Japanese fishcakes) with udon for dinner but little one asked for rice. She loves rice, and can just eat plain rice with nothing, so at the last minute had to cook rice. Cooked a simple dish of xiao bai chye and a sliced potato omelette. My grandma used to cook that a lot when we were young so it brings back memories of growing up, living with her.


Anonymous said...
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InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, this is a well decorated dish for kids. I wish I could be more creative. Way to go, mum!

singairishgirl said...

Haha, I learnt from others too, and got ideas. ;)