Monday, September 10, 2007

Decided to make some curry puffs with filo pastry I bought last week, but after making filling, and happily got ready to use filo, realized that I had actually bought a pastry block. Silly me! I can't defrost the whole block. I only have a little bowl of filling. Princess is going to protest about going out to the supermarket. Sigh. Maybe a little bribery will help? ;) There's still the donut. :)

Will settle her lunch first to fill her up before going out.
Made her a little meal of chasoba (cold green tea noodles). Really pleased that I got the stuff from Daiso, how convenient. This is all you need really, except spring onion which I didn't have, so just did without.

Notice the little Licca doll? It's so cute I couldn't resist. Love the kimono she's wearing. It's the Japanese version of Barbie. And there's Jenny doll too but we got this one as they were selling extra clothes for her to change into. Got the Halloween set. Too cute. ;)

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