Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ju Shin Jung

An interesting dinner we had this evening. Thanks to inspiredmumof2, I was introduced to this Korean restaurant situated along East Coast Parkway, beside the beach, and nestled between Burger King and Waraku. We arrived like a half hour early and it was not yet opening hours so we took a leisurely stroll to the beach and along the way, came across the area where people do inline skating. Princess pestered me non-stop to let her join in the fun. We had to invent all kinds of excuses to make her give up hope. I didn't really want her renting those skates as she didn't have socks on, so told her to just watch them and that we'll get skates another time. I don't mind sending her for lessons but as I don't drive, it is rather troublesome to go all the way there for classes at least thrice a week. But the kids were great and I even spoke to a mum whose girl was doing really well and she had only been learning since June.

Also bumped into one of princess' former classmate and they were there for cycling. They two girls used to be so close but kids they are very adaptable. Because after the girl left to go to another school, we hardly met up after and she was a bit shy with her, and didn't want to say 'hi'. She was pushing me away so that she didn't have to greet her. Sigh. And to think they were the best of friends just a couple of months ago. But you can never tell with kids.

Well, so we eagerly made our way to the restaurant as it was 6pm which meant that the restaurant was open for business. Yippee!

They make you exercise before you have your meal, haha. The restaurant is located on the second level of the building so in order to get there you have to climb two flights of stairs. We asked for the table nearest the kids' play area. I didn't really have a look at it but I saw a slide and some kiddy ride machines which I believe charged 50cents a ride. I was told that there was a table that the kids could draw at. I was too comfortable to leave my seat to find out. ;)

There was only mum, me and princess so we ordered only a marinated chicken and ginseng chicken soup (of which I have no picture as before I could snap one, the guy was dishing them out into little bowls for us). He insisted that we order more than the marinated chicken and refused to budge from where he was standing till we ordered more. I was told it's the norm but really, if we wanted more, we would have asked for them. Anyway, I was adamant that that was all we needed and that if the order comes and we find the portion too small, we would add to it. Well, he wasn't too pleased. But why should I bother. I'm not giving in to him. So I stood my ground. It was a rather unpleasant experience for a first time in a Korean restaurant.

These little coins are magic. Princess was thrilled and had some fun with them. They are actually compressed towels which expand when you add water.

They served little portions of side dishes which is already included in the price. Here I have taken some photos to show.

So next came the chicken and it was ok for us three but not too big a portion so we decided to add another dish of mushroom. The food was nice. And it's really cool to be tasting the food that I watched so often on tv in all the Korean serials. Thank God I have stopped my obsession with them as once you watch one, you just want to go on to the next, and the next. My obsessions these days are my blog and Marapets. He he. Not any better.

Oh, watch this... this is how I learned to eat the grilled chicken from watching too many Korean dramas. Haha. It's great. And initially I didn't put in the garlic but I tried one and it really does add another dimension of taste to the wrap. Delicious.

Princess had rice with the grilled chicken and she finished the bowl of it. And other than the ginseng soup, she didn't have much else. But I am all praise for her this evening and she was really very good and polite and even after she came home. She deserved the Play Doh sushi set which she asked dad for permission to buy. She's really excited about coming home to play with it after school tomorrow. :)

At the end of the meal we were served rice water and watermelon as dessert. Look how beautifully they cut the watermelon into heart-shaped pieces.

The dinner was nice but it wasn't very filling as all we had was some chicken meat, mushrooms, and little side dishes which I wasn't too partial towards. And I didn't have rice either so it left me with a feeling of being just slightly full. So we strolled over to Gelare which was just round the corner and shared a waffle. ;)

Oooh, yummy. Haven't had it in ages. We used to have them on Tuesdays quite often but can't remember when was the last time we visited. Anyway it was nice. Love the Chocolate Overload. I think it is a crowd favourite. It isn't too sweet unlike the Cookies & Cream (princess' choice).

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