Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Going to Perth was a real treat for princess and I. The trips we usually take are to Ireland to visit her grandparents so this was really a bonus. It was winter in Perth or rather just the start of it and weather-wise it was lovely, not unbearably cold. Just a cardigan kept us nice and snug.

It was a relaxing holiday together with my dad to visit my sis living there. Princess got to spend lots of time alone with Yee Yee as she usually comes home once a year and her schedule is pretty tight, with many friends and family members wanting to spend time with her.

Perth is wonderful for kids as there are lots of open spaces for them to run around and basically, just enjoy Mother nature. In Singapore, we are couped up in the flat most of the time and thus kids don't get to have free play.

This picture was taken from the balcony of our serviced apartment. We enjoyed a glorious view of the Swan River. At night when the street lights came on, the depth of the reflection in the river was truly magnificent. Facing us is the financial district, just like our Shenton Way. There is a ferry service that takes us across the river. It is very cheap. Something like A$3 per adult one-way. Return would be double that amount.

For the love of animals

The camel ride was pretty scary from my point of view. There was nothing to guard against falling, especially for a young child. And the fall, if it happens, would have caused serious injuries. However, my very brave princess insisted on riding it. She did very well, and wasn't afraid. But my heart nearly popped out when I saw how the camel lifted her and later kneeled to let her off.

Cuddly Animal Farm

We came across this wonderful farm on the 2nd last day of our trip. We were literally just driving around wondering what to do with the rest of our Sunday when we spotted some signs along the road pointing us in the direction of the farm. Curious, we decided to find out.

We were rewarded with a lovely family-run farm where little children got to bottlefeed the goats, handle little animals like guinea pigs, chicks etc. It was great for city kids who don't usually have the chance to mingle and play with such animals.

Big oil barrels were transformed into little train carriages and painted in vibrant colours. It was such a thrill for the kids. Little princess went 5 rounds on it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was extra special to me as it was also my birthday. Ikea had organised an activity specially for kids to decorate a gift as well as a cake for their mums for Mother's Day and we had signed up for it. Together with my cousin and a friend, we went there early and had breakfast before time. Mums were told to go shop around and do whatever, while the kids decorated their special gift, and be back like 2hrs later to help the kids decorate the 'princess cakes'.

Well, these are the results. Aren't they gorgeous?