Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another quake

It happened again. Just before 8am. I was exactly sitting here on this chair typing on the computer when I felt swaying. I could swear it was worse than last night's 7.9, but I understand it was later changed to 8.4, although I haven't checked web to confirm. A bit more relaxed this morning after last night's experience, I went to check ceiling lamp in kitchen and it was moving ever so slightly. Then looked over at bamboo polls where laundry was hanging to dry, and all the clothes were swaying uniformly. Definitely confirmed it was an earthquake again. So we had a morning exercise, princess and I. She didn't go to school this morning as she was coughing the entire night, so decided to keep her home. Yes, this time we took the stairs. :)

Buildings in Singapore are generally safe and made to withstand aftershocks of earthquake from our neighbouring countries, so that should be some consolation, but still, remaining in the house makes me more dizzy haha. And plus I have a child to think of. So have to be a bit kiasu. Hehe.

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