Sunday, September 2, 2007

A long day

Oh gosh! It's the first time I'm sitting down to relax after a whole day of standing (not counting the 1hr in church). Can already feel all the energy drained off me. Made a batch of banana walnut muffins (the recipe is without walnuts but I had some so I added them in) for Cathechism teachers this morning and have been on the go ever since, what with doing laundry, folding them, tidying house, making dinner etc.

The banana muffins were quite ok but I found them a little dry. Maybe add more milk next time??

The school holidays have begun so will be pretty busy with meeting friends etc. Will still be baking as we've just been invited to a farewell party for our dear friends Mina & Nao this Saturday. The girls will be sad as one playmate will be leaving them and in another few months' time, another will leave as well, and this time to go back to New Zealand. Sob sob. It's amazing this world of motherhood where you get to make friends through your children. If not for school, enrichment classes and so on, our paths would never have crossed. And it's wonderful how our friendships have blossomed. But of course there is always the sad part of having to say goodbye. However, that is expected as they are often only guests in our country and one day, they'll have to return to their home. The good thing though, is that Mina and Nao will still be in Singapore, only further away from us now but we'll still meet up for sure. :)

For dinner tonight I made a simple pizza. The nice thing about homemade pizzas is that you can put whatever topping you like. Forgot to get pineapples so made princess a tomato, sausage, capsicum pizza topped with lots of mozarella. Also found these cute yoghurt tubes which are really handy and non-messy. Anyone who knows me knows I hate mess. ;)

And for hubby I added mushrooms and onions on top of everything else. He says you can really taste the difference between homemade and store-bought ones because of the fresh ingredients used. But surely...there's no comparison. Fresh will always taste better. And happy to say they both enjoyed their pizzas. :)


trevshanhann said...

your muffin cases are always so nice... yes home cooked pizza always taste yummier can load on the cheese. ha ha

singairishgirl said...

Haha, you're right. The muffin cups from Daiso. But the bottom piece comes off. :(

Cranberry said...

Hey, nice muffins yeh! btw, your pizza for dinner looks so yummilicious.

singairishgirl said...

Haha, thanks cranberry. I'm drooling over your yummy buns.