Saturday, September 22, 2007

The match is on

What is the term they use for us wives when a match is on? Soccer widows? Well, I am one now. Hubby is glued to TV set, and who am I to complain? I get the mac. Hehe.

Not a particularly eventful Saturday, just the usual stuff. We had lunch at Sakae Sushi today and I forgot to take my camera along. In fact I saw it before I left the house and decided not to. Didn't think I was going to have anything interesting. But I decided to take some photos for my American friends. Unfortunately I only had my mobile on me so pics didn't turn out very well. Also forgot to take a pic of the conveyor belt.

Princess had a 'mini bus' set which I don't like to order as I think it's a waste of money. She insisted she'd finish it all, but of course she didn't. Only had the crabsticks and eggs and some of the pasta (which is made from ramen, so I like it). I know the only reason she orders it, is that it comes with a bottle of Yakult. And for the pretty bus bento box.

Here we had the fried tofu, spicy salmon gunkan, unagi gunkan and fried maki.

For dinner tonight we went to The Caffe Bar. They have all day set meals and they are value for money. If I'm not wrong, the basic set starts at $18.80+++. You get the soup of the day (it was seafood chowder today - very nice) , free flow of bread, a choice of basic pasta, and a cup of coffee.

They are really kid-friendly with a few choices for the little ones and princess chose the sausage and fries. It comes with a bottle of Yakult (again), but she didn't know about it beforehand, a free toy, and 2 little tubs of jelly. They also have kids-sized drinks, very cute. This here is the 'babycino', basically frothy milk with Hershey's chocolate sauce. She was thrilled. And the beverage was very 'adultish'-looking, served in a cup slightly bigger than an expresso cup.

Oooh, must rave about this dish. I went for the Peranakan Prawn Sambal Linguine (might I add, it has the chef's recommendation). I think Paw Paw and Karen will both like. :) Very spicy. My tummy is still burning. Hehe. The nice thing is the prawns are already peeled for you so only the head is left for presentation. Try it.

For dinner last evening, being flustered by the buggers and not really in the mood to cook, I asked princess what she wanted and she said apricots. What?! You can't just have dried apricots for dinner?! But kids are kids, they have no concept of what makes for proper food for lunch or dinner. So when I mentioned that her little friend Jorge was having udon, she said she wanted udon too. So that was easy to prepare. Also made her a Hiyayako (cold tofu) with soyu. She likes that. Thank goodness her tastebud is quite Asian. She'll go for rice and noodles. And it's only recently that she started to take a bit of potato, very un-Irish. Haha. Hubby would never touch that stuff (tofu).

Oops, sorry, another longgggggg post.


Karen said...

Just to add to the kid's meals at Japanese Restaurants - my experience wasn't too good either. When J was 3, he already loved Jap food, especially cha soba which I would order for him. But he had started reading by then so he took the menu and ordered the kid's meal. Disaster with a capital "D". The fried chicken was rock hard, the fries were soggy and all he finally finished was the Yakult. Never again! I mean, we love Japanese cuisine but the selection for the kids isn't very good. I prefer to let the boys order from the usual menu now, forget about the cute box or presentation!

ok must try that spicy dish......

singairishgirl said...

Hahahaha, I totally agree. We want them to read but once they read, we regret. It's like you can't hide anything from them anymore. I mean same with Mandarin. I speak Hokkien now in front of her. Hahaha. Oh yes, I agree with the fried chicken but first time I tried the mini bus set, they used chicken meat, not sausages and the noodles was ramen and I was impressed. I mean who uses fresh chicken meat for kids.

But this Caffe Bar I'm impressed. So far we've eaten there twice and the kids' food is ok.

Yes, yes, must try the linguine.

lilltots said...

ha ha ..u must be like me then, a converted soccer mrs. I actually like watching and look fwd to gd matches...but I wil nt b a man-u supporter thru marriage...I just like the game..ha ha

I knw there r those who watch for certain players!!! talking abt u!!

singairishgirl said... Then I get to use the mac, see? haha.