Monday, September 17, 2007

Baked donuts

This was what started me on my foray into the world of blogging. This recipe was sent to me by lilltots to actually show me the baking tray that she wanted to know if I'd come across. But I got hooked on that blog, written by a 'happening' granny, and thought to myself, hey if a granny can do it, it must be rather easy (sorry there Peony, not meaning that you are old, no offence). I mean I can't imagine her children always being called upon to do her blogging for her. I'm sure she must have done it by herself. So I started looking into how I could start a blog, and here I am, 2 months later. I have learned so much and am very proud of myself that I did it mostly on my own. Of course hubby helped too here and there.

After a quick dinner of fried rice, decided to try baking some donuts using the above recipe.

Erm... ok, so these don't look anything like Peony's... hehe.

I think they look better camouflaged by chocolate? Hmm... it truly was only a camouflage as didn't taste as good as they looked, not so much the donut, but rather the chocolate coating. It was too bitter even though I added some icing sugar to sweeten it. Must remember to use milk chocolate for coating! Have to try this recipe again another time.

Frankly, the lemon glazed one tasted better as it complimented the lemon taste that's in the donut. Why did the donut taste sour? I know there's lemon juice. Could it also be the yoghurt?

What does one do with excess melted chocolate? Hehe, chocolate coated strawberries of course! Pure indulgence.


WokandSpoon said...

Those strawberries look delicious with all that chocolate dripping off them!

InspiredMumof2 said...

hey, the strawberry sure looks yummy. Chocholate fondue is one of my favorites.

trevshanhann said...

yes i think will taste so much better with milk chocolate.. for the sour taste it's prob the combination of both yogurt and lemon but it looks yummy coz i love lemon stuff.

lilltots said...

wow..did u do this yest? what was the occasion?

singairishgirl said...

wokandspoon - Hi there, thanks for dropping by to visit amidst your busy move and all. The strawberries? - decadent. ;)

inspiredmumof2 - Haha, it's mine too and I recently burnt my palate in my greed to put the fruit into my mouth after dipping deep into the fondue bowl. Hehe.

trevshannhann - Erm, yes, lemon is nice, but not in this instance with this donut. Haha. Am pretty sure I messed up somewhere. Hope to learn from Peony personally *hint hint*. ;)

lilltots - No special occasion. You can borrow my donut tray when you want to try baking them. When did I bake them? I not sure, see the date in blog.

Peony said...

just drop by today n saw your donuts..
hahaha, your donuts make me laugh, sorry ..

how come your donuts r sour ?
mine were actually much too sweet the 1st time I made them. so most of us ( bakers who use this recipe) now cut down the sugar.

looking at your donuts, think u also under-fill the tray. cos ours are more 'puffy' :D

actually, my 2nd daughter asked me to blog to occupy my days and I started with some help from people in a forum - nurkochen.

join some food forum and you'll know more friendly people n help.

singairishgirl said...

Peony, oh peony, don't make me cry lah.

Sob sob.

I don't know how much to fill as I don't know how much it'll rise by but it looks nothing like yours :(

I already got my hands full following this and that blog. Haha. Ok, will try nurkochen when free.