Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not another pasta dish - Seafood Linguine in cream sauce

I'm so sorry to bore you guys with my pasta, but this is actually part 2 of last night's dinner. I promise, no more after this. ;)

The ingredients are the same as last night's except I added fresh salmon and scallops and omitted the sausages. These scallops I bought them in Perth and they are very precious to me. I ration them each time I cook. I have tried the ones in the supermarket here and they all shrink after cooking. I like to be able to savour the taste of a plump scallop, biting into its yummy goodness, not some shrunken prune. Also, I made a cream sauce using Nestle Cream. I learnt it from a friend after trying it at her girl's birthday party. I'm not usually into cream-based pasta (too fattening). And very jelak (rich?). Hubby loves cream pastas. He said it was very nice and he even asked for a 2nd helping. Alas there was no 2nd helping. I thought the portion he got was big enough already. I don't think princess likes cream ones very much, but she usually has her dinner at Pastamania after her swim class, so that was taken care of. Even the manager there is very friendly with her. They know each others' names and she looks forward to seeing princess every week. A sweet Filippina.

I am a bit of a food snob and I only believe in fresh mushrooms and freshly ground black pepper. I love lots of black pepper on my pasta and feel bad when I go to a restaurant such as Prego's and the waiter has to stand over me with the grinder and keep going at it. Haha. Usually it's not enough for me but feeling bad for the poor chap, I will accept whatever. The best is to bring my own grinder next time. Hahaha. I haven't been to Prego's in years. I wonder if the standard is better now. The food there used to be wonderful, back in those days when my mum was still working in Westin. We'd look forward to dinner there, and they had a lovely prawn pasta, the prawns were so plump and juicy, really good. Subsequently the standard dropped after the hotel was returned to the owners. I've visited about twice since then but I really don't think the food is up to par anymore.

On another note... remember my cleaning lady? She was heaven-sent. My windows are sparkling now and fingers crossed, I don't even want to mention them things, I hope they go for good. There were still a few at my stove area when I was preparing dinner. They really give me the creeps. I mean when I saw them I didn't even feel like cooking anymore, but I couldn't waste my precious ingredients.

And dear sweet hubby was suggesting that we take her on once or twice a month to help clean the place up. Oh, thank you, thank you so much. :)

So there, that pretty much sums up my day. Not such a long post today huh? ;)


trevshanhann said...

Funny coincidence... mu hubby was just telling me to make a cream pasta one of these days and that's a wonder as he is not keen on pasta as he is a meat man ha ha.But today he was asking for a seafood cream pasta.Will try it with nestle cream but it maybe a bit ris=ch tho.

Jori said...

I think that dish looks incredible! I am a sucker for cream-based dishes...then throw in seafood...heaven.

I can imagine why you would be distressed about the ants. We once had an infection of earwigs - do you get those there? - and they just about drove me bananas! We got them for two springs before they finally were all gone.

I've heard (or read) somewhere that ants don't care for mint...maybe you need to chop some up and make a circle around your oven area! haha... I hope they are all gone now.

Yippee to hubby for making the suggestion! Housework can be tough - especially for such a busy and active SAHM as yourself! Big gold star to him!

singairishgirl said...

Trevshanhann - Yes, the Nestle cream is a bit too rich but I dilute with water so it's not too bad.

Jori - Thanks for the compliment. No, what are earwigs? We don't have those herer, thank God. Not heard of the mint one, might try that tip. Heard also that they hate spice like cloves and cinnamon. No, they are not all gone. There are still a couple of stragglers (is there such a word?). I think they are still hunting for stuff and trying to catch me out. Yes, the help will be wonderful.

lilltots said...

OH DEAR!!I must never visit yr blog b4 lunch....moreover today I lunch at 1pm...ARGHHHHH
u know me food junkie no. 1

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love creamy pasta. Yours look delish! Those ants will give me the creep too, luckily I don't get ants here in the house, just occassional spider (gives me the creep too).

singairishgirl said...

Hi little corner of mine,

Thanks for dropping by. So lucky you don't get ants. But I think the spiders over there are big, right? Thanks for compliment on pasta. :)