Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tooth fairy

The tooth fairy beckons, not one but two. Princess got up on Sunday and was very excited that she had a shaky tooth. Can't wait at all for the tooth fairy to visit. I then busied myself searching for the tooth fairy pouch which I had bought when she was only a baby! Haha. Not that it will be in use straightaway, but good to be prepared for the day. Hehe. Since I've been tidying wardrobes in the last couple of months, I had moved things around from where they previously were. Goodness, searched high and low for it. Finally found it high up in her wardrobe. Was very happy I managed to locate it. :) Put it in the washing machine to wash it first. Now it's waiting patiently for the fairy's visit.

By Sunday evening I was checking her teeth and discovered there were actually 2 - the one beside the first one was slightly shaky. So two missing teeth for Christmas.

I find that kids lose their teeth at a very young age these days. She's got friends who've lost their teeth as young as 4yrs old.


trevshanhann said...

expensive and busy time for the tooth fairy ha ha... havin 3 kids .. T lost 5 already (8 yrs) S lost 2 so far (7 yrs) so good thing baby has years more to go b4 another visit.

singairishgirl said...

Haha, expensive affair. My girl says hope tooth fairy gives her $49 as she wants to buy a powerpuff flik flak watch. Haha. That's how much it costs.