Friday, August 31, 2007


Right after princess left for school yesterday, I got down to working on my frostings. Did the lemon one first. It turned out much better than the previous time, not as runny, but I still need practice on piping them. So anyway, this is the best I could do with them.

Was so pleased with the success of the lemon frosting, I got complacent. By the time I started on 2nd frosting, it wasn't that early as I had to go to school before 12pm to deliver them. But guess what? The frosting was a flop! It said in recipe to continue whisking and to ignore it being runny as it will stiffen up if I continued whisking. So I did, for a whole half hour. Then I gave up. My wrist was breaking off me. Decided to throw out the lot and start on another. This 2nd time, I put in less butter thinking maybe it was too much the 1st time. The same thing happened. By then I was rather desperate as it was past 11am. Yikes!! Had to use my brains! How to salvage the situation? I remembered I had a pot of Nutella and it saved my day! Thank God.

This is the picture of the chocolate cupcakes before frosting.

And tada... here they are all frosted with Nutella. Do they look pretty? Hehe. An overindulgence in chocolate.

Since it is Teacher's Day, I would like to say a big 'Thank you' to Peony who inspired me to start this blog in the first place. I enjoy reading her blog and check on it every day to see what she's cooked or baked, and especially the food she lovingly prepares for her grandson, Ryan. From what I know, she used to be a teacher too, so Happy Teachers' Day, Peony. Thanks a bunch.

And as for Sam, I would like to say, yes, I am keen on starting something with the stuff I bake. However, need to do costings first. And also, will invest in a proper cake mixer. I only use my hands now or the handheld mixer (seldom). So time to pamper myself a little. :)


trevshanhann said...

yes i agree with sam... you can whip them up so fast and it's yummy too.

trevshanhann said...

the cupcakes look great... great presentation.

Peony said...

cupcakes look good. like the fondant flowers.

my fondant cut-outs like to stick to the cutter even tho I dust them with icing sugar. So quite difficult for me to remove them, you have such problem ?

singairishgirl said...

Thanks Peony. No, they are ready flowers. I didn't make them. But I destroyed at least 6 in the process of removing them from the paper under even though I was very very gentle.

singairishgirl said...

Thanks for your confidence in me, G. And also for the encouragement. :)

Cranberry said...

wow, all pretty cupcakes so nicely frosted, love the lemon ones, with the flowers, Pretty!

singairishgirl said...

The lemon ones are yummy. You must try out the recipe.