Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Teachers' Day!

What have I been up to the past 2 days not blogging? Well, let's see... up to my eyeballs in dough. Haha. Have been baking cookies, cupcakes, and more cupcakes. Rushing them all out for Teachers' Day. Had to do cookies on Wednesday morning, after dragging myself off the pc, being engrossed in Marapets. Yes, it can be addictive that game. ;) Princess had swimming lessons that day so had to bake the cookies for coach, and remainder will be for her Cathechism teachers this Sunday. Finished baking cookies just before swim class. Phew! And continued with cupcakes in the evening. Was planning to just do the chocolate cupcakes but realized it was short of 2. I needed 16 so each teacher would get 2 cups. By then I was already tired so it was physically impossible to go out to get extra ingredients. What was I to do?? Then I remembered!! I still had 3 lemons sitting in the fridge. Hehe. I thought that'd be nice too, to balance out the richness of the chocolate. So I willed myself out of my comfortable rest place on the sofa and got down to business. By the time cupcakes were baked and cooled, it was 12am. Sigh. Time to sleep for an exciting day ahead tomorrow - frosting them. I don't have much experience with frosting but had 2 new recipes to try, so was rather excited. It could go both ways, either success or failure.


trevshanhann said...

I am sure the teachers love their gifts plus a few calories ha ha.

singairishgirl said...

Oh haha I am sure. Have not had any feedback as haven't been to school since so maybe Monday got some comments. Haha.