Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Man Zhu

We had a lunch date with my dad today. Visited our usual haunt - "Man Zhu" at Chinese Swimming Club. It was a wet day, as has been the situation the last few days. Couldn't resist taking a photo of the rain, although you can't see it clearly. I love rain. Love the pitter patter, and the pattern of it: sometimes falling to the left, or to the right or just straight huge blobs down; how it creates puddles big and small. I love a really heavy downpour (once I am not caught in it!) to wash all the dirt away and leave us with a refreshing sight after. A friend once thought I was crazy to love rain and to enjoy watching it. I think it's rather therapeutic at times. Well, I know my cousin Jill loves rain too (except when she does her laundry, haha), and an aunt as well, so there's nothing really weird about me. :@

The minute princess got in the car when we picked her from school, she exclaimed that she wanted satay! So that's what she got.

She ordered herself a strawberry & banana smoothie. It looks pretty, the lovely pink and white; very much a girls' drink :)

I tried the wet seafood beehoon which was rather nice. But of course with plenty of sambal to go along.

Dad usually has the laksa but he decided to change to something different today and went for the mee goreng. I had a taste of it and it was nice.

Last but not least, we had princess' favourite chocolate fondue with fresh fruits. It's new on the menu so we ordered one to share. It's rather a lot and enough for 4 people.


Mahek said...

i found your blog today seems to be good as you write about your day to day food which i like to write too but usually dont , i will be going thro the whole of your blog looks like a good one...

singairishgirl said...

Oh thanks Mahek. Come visit anytime. Well, I wasn't too sure about writing every day stuff but just did as I went along.