Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Caffebar

Went to meet princess' classmate's mum yesterday. Was a last minute thing. Didn't plan on going out but thought it'd be nice to catch up. We only meet in school occasionally so was lovely of her to ask us out. Thanks Pam. :)

We went for cakes at The Caffebar. It's in a nice little corner on the 1st level of Parkway. I wouldn't say it was quiet as there was loud music blasting from the surrounding shops yesterday. I was told it isn't usually that noisy.

Friend recommended the Baked Chocolate Cake (honestly I can't remember the name), and we decided to give that a try. We had to wait 15mins for them as they are baked upon ordering. Meanwhile we just occupied little one's time by doodling. She was starting to get bored. Haha.

But it was worth the wait. The cake was beautiful. Of course princess gobbled up all the fruit (she's a fruit lover) while friend and I were busy taking photos. By the time I turned my attention back to the plate, she was stuffing her face with the cake ha ha. Actions speak louder than words. She totally loved it and wanted another. I had some of it and the vanilla ice-cream was lovely. Could taste the vanilla beans in it.

The CaffeBar
Marine Parade Road
#01-34D Parkway Parade

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