Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Problem solved

At last, I have sorted out how to split the photos in the post. It was bugging me for ages. Thanks Hubby, for helping me with it.

I finally baked a batch of lemon cupcakes last evening as I've been delaying it. It seemed too tedious and I just kept putting it off. Plus all my shredders did not work for zesting the lemons so even though I had planned to do it in the day, I had to abandon the project and went off to Temple Street in search of a lemon zester. Am very glad I did as the shop next door had what I was looking for. My initial plan was to go Sia Huat but when the cab driver dropped me off, I came face-to-face with a shop which was chock-a-block full of people so decided to check in there instead. They had what I was looking for! :) I'm not surprised as they deal with all manners of kitchenware which people working in the food industry need. Am very glad I did the cupcakes in the end. Was worth the effort. The cakes turned out real light and fluffy. I also made the lemon curd and am now waiting for the butter to soften before doing the frosting.

Will post pictures later in the day.

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