Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Woke up extremely early this morning considering slept pretty late last night and the fact that Princess wasn't going school today (what else? another case of hfmd in her class). But her body clock is used to waking at 7am, so no choice had to drag myself out of bed. Immediately baked a batch of cupcakes for her to bring on her playdate. Packed her off to her friend's so that I can clean the house in peace. If not, she'll be bored or else watch tv all day.

The cupcakes didn't turn out as well as expected as I chose to use some pretty Disney princess and Strawberry Shortcake paper cups and thus the cakes turned out enormous, not exactly what I'd call little cups, more like bowls. Haha! Well, the taste was nice though and I tried to glaze them. First time I'm trying to work with icing sugar and it was ok. Will work to improve on it. Got some lovely little royal icing cake decor in Disney princess designs on my last trip back to Ireland and have been wanting to use them. But since haven't baked in a long time, no chance to use.

All was ready by 10am and sent her off. She had a lovely day there and even managed to go for a little swim just before it was time to pick her up. The girls enjoyed the cupcakes so that was great.


trevshanhann said...

Looks yummy.... I also bought the pricess deco from england on my last visit... havent tried it ont tho' hee hee...

singairishgirl said...

Oh really?? Hehe, that's great. I know. I kept mine for ages. Just had to do something about them. It expires next year though.