Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help & Wooden Chopsticks

I need to learn how to split my photos in the posts. They just lump together. Have tried many ways but just can't seem to do it. :( Hope someone who reads this can help me.

On another note, I wonder how many of you have heard about the contaminated disposable chopsticks we use in hawker centres and food courts, or even when we 'da bao' (take away) something from a food outlet. I heard it from a Taiwanese friend last year and have since done without it. But I didn't know exactly the cause of it.

So anyway, my mum heard it over the radio last week that they are totally unsafe to use. They soak them in some chemical which is harmful to our health, then leave them out in the open to dry and children and animal pee on them etc. Tests were done and traces of faeces were found. They are then shipped to Taiwan where they are packed using bare hands.

It's also not good for the environment as many bamboo trees are destroyed in the manufacturing these chopsticks. Maybe the next time when you visit the food court, think about this and opt for the non-disposable ones. I used to prefer the disposables to the ones the food places provide thinking they were more hygienic as they were individually packed in plastics. Well, not anymore, I've stopped using disposables. Better still, bring your own.

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trevshanhann said...

Actually i also don't like using wooden chopsticks... bits sometime comes out while eating....yuck