Friday, August 17, 2007


After school today, we went to meet up with G & Sam and their girls who have 2 days off due to PSLE marking. Decided to go to Vivo and have lunch there as well as to let the girls have some fun together. We only get to meet during the school holidays and at the occasional birthday parties, but the girls are close, having grown up together, and also being the fact that their mums are good friends. I think it's really great to leave this legacy to our kids, us having gone to school and work together, and now, we have started a close friendship for them, which will hopefully last them till they are all grown up.


trevshanhann said...

Boy!.. did they have fun. Yes really nice to meet up for a fun day for the kids and not 4 getting us..

singairishgirl said...

Yes! Absolutely! :)