Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Princess - Go yellow for gold

Went out to meet Sam this morning. She had an interview so was pretty last minute. She messaged me at 7plus this morning to ask if want to meet up in Shenton Way. So before that I headed off to Seah St to pick up some baking stuff from a bake shop there. I found this little angel in a few colours and they were so pretty. Decided to get a few for my cupcakes. This is specially for princess. I knew she'd be delighted by it. The look on her face when she had her first taste of the cupcake was worth more than a million bucks. It was a very big smile (she typed this) and her eyes twinkled. She absolutely loved it!!! She loves sour stuff and it really did it for her. Worth every bit of my effort.

Today is 'Go Yellow for Gold' day at school. Here she is, she wants to type something.

Princess says - because children have to wear anything yellow and bring $1 gold coins to make a money trail. why:cambodia children have no Food,no mummys no daddys,no clothes and they eat cockroaches so we need to help them.

She says they made these cookies on Monday during Chinese class. I guess it was just a sweet gesture to give it to them today as a little thank you for their donations to the poor children of Cambodia.


trevshanhann said...

so sweet.... your princess must be so pleased.

singairishgirl said...

Yes she was thrilled. The angel was the first thing she ate. :)