Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aston's Specialties

I've often walked past this cafe (well, I don't know how best to describe it, I wouldn't call it a restaurant), and seen scores of people crowding around at the entrance. Always a long queue to get in. Wonder what the fuss is all about. So this evening, being too tired to cook, decided to check out Aston's.

We got there at 5.30pm, and there were already a few people ahead of us. The cafe was packed. I wonder what time they had started coming to eat. Well, anyway, we were given a menu to look at and decide on what we wanted. The staff came over a few minutes after, to take our orders. It being our first visit to the place, we were at a loss as to what was nice, but I did see the sausages on their blog which looked good. Unfortunately, hubby was more interested in the Black Pepper Steak than the sausages. Well, we'll leave that for the next time. I ordered for myself the Hickory BBQ Chicken and for princess, she had the Vienna Sausage and Cream of Mushroom Soup. We also had a side order of French Fries.

I didn't keep track of how long we had to wait for a table but it wasn't too bad. The staff were nice and friendly. And not long after we were seated, they served the french fries and soup. Even though the place was packed, we didn't have to wait long for our food. Service was quick. The fries were great! I mean initally I thought they looked like ordinary fries and didn't look much better than those in McDonald's when I spied them on someone's plate, but we noticed they had sprinkled some spices on them and they were delicious. They were gone in an instant! I can't even remember what the name of the spice was, just that it began with the letter 'm'. Haha!

Next came the chicken (you get a choice of 2 side orders with a main). I chose garden vegetables and mashed potato. I love the taste of meat with bbq sauce so the hickory bbq was great. It didn't disappoint. The portion wasn't too big and at the end of the meal, you feel just nice, not overly full.

Hubby asked for the steak to be medium well. He usually likes it well done as he hates the sight of the blood oozing out. But even though it didn't come out as welldone as he would have liked it to be, nonetheless he enjoyed it. The black pepper sauce was very nice, full of flavour.

A disappointment was the sausages. We expected it to be a nice long sausage but they turned out to be little cocktail-sized ones. Maybe I didn't notice that it was in the appetizer menu? It's ok though as it was for the little girl so she didn't complain. But I had to take a photo for her as I had taken mummy's and daddy's.

We will definitely visit again. The ieat super burger looked really good and some side orders too. The prices are very affordable for that quality of food. You really get value for money.


trevshanhann said...

i have always wanted to try... now will make a point to do that!!!

singairishgirl said...

Ah great! Try it. But be prepared to queue! They are opening one in Joo Chiat just round the corner but it's called Aston Prime, so maybe pricing a bit different. More high class perhaps?