Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer School

We're only into the 3rd day of the holidays and I'm already exhausted. By signing up my girl for ballet camp, I thought I had a few hours to spare for myself. However, teacher requested for help on the 1st day, so I got stuck helping out throughout the 3hrs the girls are there, serving them food during their break times, throughout all 5days. The girls are spoiled rotten with all kinds of snacks, and they requested for Ruffles, Pringles, Twisties, and they got them all. Gosh, these girls are going to pile on a lot of weight after one week haha. But it balances out as their dancing is pretty tiring and it is a great workout for them all. The first day was tough as each one of them complained of tiredness but princess said she was feeling alright yesterday. They are busy preparing for their dance performance this weekend and are excitedly looking forward to it.

Although my girl fell ill on Sunday, she seems to be on the mend, after 3 days of medication and lots of sleep. She doesn't need to wake up early in the morning and I let her sleep in till late, meaning 9am plus, which is her max. I think the rest did her a lot of good. Since she hadn't been well, I'd been preparing her simple bentos to take along for her break. Most girls eat all the junk biscuits and crisps while she has her fruits (lots of Vit C), but I wonder why her tummy is still ballooning hahah.

I didn't take photos of the last two bentos but I managed to snap some pics of today's one at the school while waiting for the girls to come out for their break. She had a whole boxful of dragonfruit and kiwi, plus blueberries as well as this Stitch bento which held a Tigger biscuit, roller coasters and Nutella sandwiches.

Even though I am not dancing, I feel so exhausted at the end of the day. I have put my life on hold and not managed to get stuff done. By the time we get home from class, I don't even want to cook. Sometimes I think I do all these to punish myself haha. After this week is up, next week will be a repetition as I have signed her up for more activities. The problem is that if we stay at home, she is going to be bored anyway. Thankfully my 3rd and 4th weeks are free. Yippee! Time to plan playdates! :D

Aren't these cute? I made them for PTM morning to take to school. :)


Carrie said...


Read from your post that you offered your girl a boxful of dragonfruit! And would like to comment that it's my fav fruit as well! However, a word of caution, white dragonfruit is better than the red ones.

From what my lecturer told me, apparently red dragonfruit has a certain thing that will inhibit liver enzymes, blocking it's function. =) so feast on the white one and avoid the red ones..


SIG said...

Hello Carrie, thanks for your advice, and great to know that you love dragonfruit too. I don't eat them myself but once in a while when I cut them up for my girl, if they happen to be sweet, I'd sneak a few pieces in my mouth. She doesn't like the red ones, just as well, after hearing negative feedback from you. :)