Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to school bento

While my girl was getting ready for bed last evening, she said this to me - I can't believe I am going back to school tomorrow, and, I can't remember my classmates! Oh boy, haha. But when she actually sat down and went through the class register in her mind, she remembered every one of their names. :)

The poor girl is missing her dad. On the first evening that he wasn't around, she said that she wished he was home and that she can't wait for him to get back. I distracted her by going online shopping at Zara picking out clothes to get her dad to buy from Spain. We were also looking at stuff from H&M but there weren't many choices to pick from.

Around 6plus this evening, she commented that her dad usually comes home at that time. Poor thing. I have to keep reminding myself to be extra patient with her, but having to juggle tiredness and chores as well as cooking meals, it does take a toll on me and at times, I have to admit I get short-tempered with her. All I hope for in the next few days is that she be a good girl and not give me too many problems.

I made a bento for dinner but am not too pleased with the look of the girl. I need to work on that. Hair of girl is made with nori, scarf made with salami. I fried some homemade french fries and tossed them in cheese powder. Tomato slices, broccoli and cherries for fibre, and egg roll made with spring onion, crabsticks and shredded cheese complete the bento. There is also a side dish of tomato ketchup. I didn't include a lot of fruits in this one as she had helped herself to an apple right before dinner.


Angeleyes said...

Awww... poor girl must be missing her dad so much!

Very nice bento Deb! Your bentos are getting more elaborate these days huh?? Gettting very inspired after all the bento shopping rite? :D

SIG said...

Yes A, she does. Haha, elaborate? It usually depends on the food I have. Inspiration not so much from the accessories but the books. ;)

SIG said...
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Susan Yuen said...

So cute! Such a pretty and delicious bento! :)

SIG said...

Thanks Susan :)