Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to bento-ing?

In a few hours, the little ones will be going back to school, signalling the start of Semester 2. It is with mixed feelings that I greet this day. It's great to finally have time to myself for a few hours a day, yet, I am not looking forward to waking up at 6am or earlier. We had such fun this holidays and have already established a routine, especially with our bodies being used to waking up as and when it is ready to start working. Good things always have to come to an end, and even though we enjoyed the countless visits to the cinema, Universal Studios, and this and that, it's time now to slow down and go back to the harsh realities of life.

Hubby has left on his business trip so it's just the two of us to cook for. Feeling very inspired after reading the 2 books I just got hold of, I made a lunch and dinner bento each for the girl.

The lunch bento is in the previous post. This one here is what she had for dinner - pasta with campbell soup (dry version), seaweed chicken, enoki wrapped with picnic ham and secured with a string of spaghetti, football sausages leftover from lunch, crabstick wrapped with ham, strawberries and blueberries.

A close-up look at the spaghetti knot.

I didn't realize she liked enoki till a dinner outing with her godparents for steamboat. She spied the mushrooms and said that she'd tried them before and that she liked them. Weird, as she doesn't like the normal button mushrooms. Maybe enoki has a crunch to it? But I'm not complaining once she eats it. She was surprised to see that I had included it in her bento this evening. She also proclaimed this as the best bento ever! Haha.

I already have a breakfast date with swimming mums tomorrow and am looking forward to catching up with the 2 ladies. :)


Little Corner of Mine said...

Tell me about it! My Evy doesn't touch any mushroom except Enoki. Strange isn't it?

SIG said...

Oh really, C? Personally I don't like it much. I find that there is a weird taste I can't get used to.

Angeleyes said...

Darrius also don't touch other mushrooms except fresh white ones!

Peony said...

same with Ryan. He loves enoki. I used to add into his porridge when he was a toddler.

now wld be doing the same with Sakura.

Lia Chen said...

Kid is back to school already? Is that sausage with a football print? Cool!

SIG said...

Oh really, Angeleyes? My girl doesn't like any other mushroom but I sneak them into pasta sauce.

Peony, oh really? Haha, let's see if Sakura likes it.

Lia Chen - Oh yes, kid's back to school at last. :) Yes, you're right, it is with football print. I think it's due to the World Cup.