Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Okinawan goodies

Sirotan is the name of the little seal which adorns today's tea-time bento. Isn't he really cute? He shares the same birthday month as our nation. His birthday falls on 8 Aug, the day before National Day.

My sis just came back from a short trip to Okinawa to attend a conference. She picked up a few goodies for me. Thanks so much sis. I really love the cakes, donuts, t-shirt and everything else.

Too adorable. Can't bear to eat. They come in 3 different expressions.

Furoshiki printed with cute Sirotan. It's a 2-in-1 gift. :)

Mini donuts perfect for bento packing. There is also a bag of chocolate.

Bite size yummies.

Some bento accessories she picked up for me. Even though I have almost everything she bought, I still really appreciate her effort in hunting bento stuff down. :D

I'm glad that she had a good break in her dream country, and left there with great memories. She has finally set foot on Japanese soil whereas I am still counting down the days to when it's my turn. Although she has now gone back to Perth, I treasured the short meetings she took time out for, while here, to spend with me. Till we see you again, hopefully at Christmas.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Japanese stuff are so cute!

SIG said...

They sure are, C. :)

javapot said...

you got nice & supportive sister, nice stuff though.

Angeleyes said...

Aww... your sister is soooo sweet!