Friday, June 18, 2010

Jonkers Nonya food at Thomson Plaza

On the last day of Princess' creative writing workshop, I decided to lunch at the mall. I came across this little corner near the food court called Jonkers if I am not wrong. They served Peranakan food and I decided to try the nasi goreng. I can't rave about it as it was so-so. Taste-wise it was ok but I felt the rice was either too oily or a bit soggy. I couldn't decide which category it belonged to. Sambal belachan is by request only. You need to ask the cashier for some, and she'd scoop it out from a container kept in the fridge. Hope to have another chance to try out their other dishes.

This very interesting prata was at the request of the princess who was hungry after her class and wanted something to snack on. I believe this is known as paper prata with chocolate sauce. Within the cone is lots of sugar crystals, and is a very messy dish to dissect. The prata is so thin it breaks apart very easily and becomes very crumbly. Don't be misled by the looks as it does fill you up. Lovely for a teatime snack.

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