Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lock & Lock Eco-Life series and bento books

Today's lunch bento contained white rice, ngoh hiang, kyuri, cherry tomatoes and football sausages. In the second tier, there is golden kiwi with green grapes and a serving of muah chee.
She didn't like the ngoh hiang so that was left untouched. :(

This is the latest addition to my ever-increasing bento box collection. Have told myself and have really been going all out not to purchase any more boxes as I have really run out of space to store them, but how could I resist this very lovely collection of eco-life bento sets from Lock & Lock? They are too cute to resist and I was in love with the insulated bag that comes with each set. They come in 4 colours and I had a tough time trying to decide which to get. I had the green one in my shopping basket but somehow green isn't my colour, so was still trying to see if I preferred blue or pink when my eye suddenly caught sight of this orange, and I was in love. I knew it was THE ONE. It comes very nicely packaged in a box like the one below. I might go back and get the one that comes with a water bottle. I love Lock & Lock products and own quite a number of them. I love their simplicity in design and the neutral shade of 'clear', easily my favourite choice of 'colour'. ;P

Between the two food compartments is a divider which holds a detachable chopsticks set. Very well-designed. I like!

On another happy note, I finally received my bento books, ordered via Amazon, and carried back to me via J. Read them from cover to cover and loved them both. Can't wait to use the tips I picked up from the ladies.


Susan Yuen said...

Great bento and box! Thank you for picking up my book! Ir early appreciate your support! :)

SIG said...

Thank you Susan. It's a real pleasure getting your book. :)

Angeleyes said...

Football sausages????? Wow!!!!! Never see anything like here!!!

Nice box and bento and books!!!!!
I've just ordered Yum-yum too and can't wait for it to arrive!

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Yes, it's specially for the World Cup. I chanced upon it at the supermarket. Wow, great, enjoy the book when it comes. I love it!

arkonite_babe said...

Can I ask where you bought the lock and lock set please? I love it!
I do't know if it owuld be possible to buy on of these to ship to the Uk?

SIG said...

Hi arkonite_babe, I got it at a local store, not sure if you are able to get them online. Maybe try searching for it?

arkonite_babe said...

Sig, I found an ebay seller for it.
I'm posting a link so that others can have a look and buy if they wish!

yuki said...

luv ur blog! where did u bought the L&L from in sin? Which daiso u normally went to to buy all the bento stuff? I am having a hard time tryin to make my gal eat her meals.

SIG said...

Hello there yuki, thanks for dropping in. I bought this set from Giant at Parkway Parade. I shop at Daiso at Plaza Singapura, Vivo, IMM depending on where my mood takes me. It will also depend on your luck what you can pick up so visit as and when to check their stock. Come back and hopefully you can pick up some tips from the few bento mums who do such a great job every day. You can see them in my link. Making food cute is one good way to get kids to eat. Good luck with your girl.