Friday, June 18, 2010

New bento toy additions

Over the past weeks, these stuff had been added to my bento 'toys' collection. It helped that half of them could be found at Daiso. I'm really glad that they have brought in new bento stuff now as I am sick of looking at those which have been there for years, always repeated and boring. I do hope that Daiso picks up on the bento trend and bring in much more nicer things.

The bear cutter which I have wanted for ages. I also love the tulip sausage cutter with the leaf picks. The silicon barans are really pretty and the currently popular hat picks. The top half collection is not from Daiso.

Musical notes picks I have wanted for the longest time. :)

My all-time favourite faces picks. So kawaii!

Pretty angel wings.

Expression punchers from Daiso.

Animal and vehicle picks and sauce bottles from Daiso.

Can you believe they sell these at Daiso now??


Beau Lotus said...

I see that you're having fun :-)

SIG said...

Haha, yes. :P