Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 2

Can't believe that week 2 has passed by in a flash. Contrary to what I expected, I did have time to myself this week, albeit whiling my time away at Thomson Plaza while Princess was attending classes, but it was better that than nothing. Today, I said goodbye to the mall after spending 5 whole afternoons in a row there. I will have fond memories of you, dear mall. :) I remember the days when Yaohan was there so many donkey years ago, when I was just a child. Places such as Goldhill Plaza, Thomson Plaza - the 'in' places then, where my dad would take us to so very often, are forever edged in my memory. It has indeed been a very long time since I set foot in Thomson Plaza, but I felt transported back in time when I arrived there on Monday this week. It's like time had stood still. I have no visual memory of the place but it seems that everything in it seems to have remained the same. No refurbishments seemed to have been done to it and you could say it emits an old world charm.

My initial impression was that, oh, I hope I'm not going to be bored here, but far from being bored, I discovered some lovely shops. I love the toy shop and the Lego specialty shop, the stall that sells factory overruns, and not forgetting the countryware shop. I spent my time at Popular browsing the shelves of books, visited the NTUC Finest there and went down the aisles discovering the Eco-friendly products, the organic stuff etc. There are many eateries there too, and lots of places where one can have a lovely tea break. I even had the pleasure of the company of two of Princess' friends for lunch, as well as that of my cousin, nephew and baby niece on another occasion. We had lunch at Pizza Hut, and I tried the nasi goreng at Jonkers' Peranakan Food and had ice-cream at Swensen's while waiting for class to end.

We had an interesting weekend prior, followed by a visit to Universal Studios on Monday after classes, which I will try to update with photos soon. We also managed to squeeze in an outing to Forest Adventure with the nephew. Glad we went for that. :)

Next week is free and easy week, which means lots more free time to plan playdates. Bronze swim test will be held in the last week of the holidays and we are looking forward to a birthday party to end off the holidays before the girls return to school.

I hope to have more time to make some bentos next week as I have just received some new toys. I also found some 'toys' in Daiso which I have yet to use. :D

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