Friday, June 18, 2010

Forest Adventure

During the past few holidays, I found that if I stayed at home most of the time, the little one ate non-stop and put on quite a bit of weight as being at home doing nothing, and just watching tv got her feeling bored and made her mouth itch. Thus, I made sure plans for this June involved lots of outdoor or active programmes. Besides the once a week swim class, there was the one week dance camp which worked her out each day with over 3hrs of intensive dancing. I was keen to send her for Forest Adventure but not sure where they were, so I did some homework prior and made plans with cousin and nephew to spend a morning at the park. It is advisable to make a booking in advance as the website warns that if there are no empty slots, you might have to wait up to an hour for your turn.

Having fixed a date with cousin, we waited excitedly for the day to arrive, but meanwhile cousin came across discount coupons on Milo tetrapacks which gave up to 50% off each child ticket. We paid $12 each and although we were told that it took approximately 30-45mins to complete a course, the kids actually spent 2hrs there. A lot of the obstacles allowed only one child each time to cross it. I have to say it takes quite a lot of guts to go across ropes and planks connected from tree to tree. Princess totally lost it at the 3rd last course where she broke down and refused to continue. She was brave throughout the earlier courses but this particular one was scary and she wasn’t the only one who almost gave up. Another little girl cried and even dear nephew refused to go through with it initially, but with help and guidance from the guide, princess eventually overcame it. At the end of the obstacle course, she declared that she would never return. Haha.

On the morning of our outing, the sky was overcast, which was a good sign initially, as it meant not slogging it out in the full heat of the sun. But rain soon came down heavier and poor kids were left to carry on with the climb, as once you get up, it's tough to get down again. The only thing to do was to go forward. We made the long walk from the car park of Bedok Reservoir to Forest Adventure's base camp. As we were running late, due to not being able to flag down an empty taxi, our 10-15min walk seemed even longer than it was. Walking down this pathway gave me a feeling like I was in a park in Australia or Europe as the air was crisp and cool and there was a dampness in the air.

My little tree climber starting the ascent.

Kids undergoing a briefing before they started on their course.

Dear nephew starting on his course.

Princess going in the cage.

High and scary.

The obstacle that many disliked... moving swings.

I don't want to do this, no no no, pleaseeeeee. :~(

Forest Adventure
825 Bedok Reservoir Road, 479244
Website :


SIG said...

Little Corner of Mine - Quite frightening but they all made it through the camp. Great job S!

SIG said...

Thanks C, she needed that encouragement. Sorry had to make some changes to your original comment. ;) Hope you understand. :)