Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toby - The dessert asylum

There's a new eatery in Parkway Parade which we have not visited since it opened a few months' ago, so we decided a few Sundays ago was the day. Right after church, we headed there for lunch. The cakes were really enticing in their chiller at the entrance, and I had a quick glance, not wanting to look at the items for too long, in case I got sucked in. Haha.

We took our seats overlooking the main entrance of Parkway and had a lovely view from our table. I ordered a kids' set meal for the princess which comprised a main course, a drink and a dessert. She opted for the ham & cheese pizza, and gave me the choice of drink and dessert. She wanted ice-cream from Scoops instead.

We shared an appetizer of fried calamari between us but didn't enjoy it that much as we didn't like the batter. It made us all filled up before the main course even arrived.

Here is hubby's choice of roasted chicken sandwich. The bread is really nice and soft.

I had the chicken and mushroom pasta which promised a light creamy sauce, but was far from light. However, the pasta was done just right. I enjoyed it even though I very seldom have cream-based pasta. The al dente pasta made a difference.

Dessert for the princess - Brownie with a scoop of ice-cream. This was very yummy. I'd go back for this alone!

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