Monday, June 21, 2010

NASSA Bronze Test

My girl started swimming classes when she was 4 or 5 yrs old, can't really remember when for sure. In between, she stopped due to a cough-related allergy. I had to stop her swimming for approximately half a year for the allergy to clear. She picked it up again when she was 6 yrs but stopped for a year when she entered primary school. When we finally went back to swimming, she didn't take to the coach as he did push the kids quite a bit. She wasn't happy there, so I took her out. While checking with friends, I came across her kindy classmate who was learning from a coach who goes to her condo pool. The timing worked out really well for us as I prefer not to let her train under the hot sun. And so began our swimming instruction under Uncle J.

From the first lesson, I was really impressed with him as he walked with the kids (3 of them) through each stroke that they took, through the entire length of the pool. He corrected them every step of the way.

Within a couple of months, he told us mums to sign the girls up for the last and final bronze test. I wasn't too sure if my girl was ready for it but he was very confident that she could do it. By the end of this month, all these NASSA awards will no longer be the standard with which to test swimmers. Thus, it's really good timing that we came to him and have him prepare the girls for it.

Today was a proud day for this mum as I watched my girl complete her test. Watching how she struggled with putting her face in water from the start some 3-4yrs ago, till what she achieved today, she totally deserves it after all these years and it's also an affirmation of her hard work and motivation. I'm so very proud of you, darling. You did great!

The reason I started her on swimming is because I never learned it till I was in my late teens, and even till today I can't swim well and have a fear of water. I used to watch a little girl of about 9yrs old swim like a fish and my sis and I used to admire her. We became friends and her father was the one who taught me to swim.

When I saw how fearful my girl was, to even put her face in the pool, I had to do something about it, to let her face her fears and confront it. I'm glad I did.

Swimmers getting ready at the start of the test.

Here she is treading water.

See, my flotation device is all ready.

Floating to the finish line.

Starting on her 400m.

After this final jump into the pool, the test is over. Hurray!

I made these bentos for the girls.

There is a wassant, kyuri, cherry tomato, grapes, Mocha nutella sandwich, blueberry, dried apricots, gummies, candies.

Do you see the football sausage? How cute. We couldn't resist when we spied them at the supermarket. :)


Beau Lotus said...

The test was compulsory for us when we were at school. I passed my bronze when I was in Secondary school and I've not swum after that. I am too scared of water as I get cramps in the legs easily.

Congrats to Princess!

Peony said...

congrats to ur girl. Well done.

I was at IMM again. Saw the food pen there! but a few pkts, maybe 5 -7 pkts.