Sunday, June 13, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

Shrek's Far far away castle.

We woke up last Sunday not knowing what to do for the day, so on a whim I mentioned Universal Studios. Princess and I got all excited about it but was told by her godma that I needed to book tickets in advance. Now how had I forgotten about that! She said that when she was there a few days earlier, tickets were all sold out for the day and it was only 11am! So I went online and true enough couldn't get hold of any tickets. As expected, princess got really upset after all that initial excitement. What could a mum do?? So, well, we decided on another date and I set about trying to book it.

That same day, we had lunch at Vivo City and decided to try out the shuttle bus to Resorts World Singapore ($2 for 2 ways), as well as to collect our tickets thus not having to waste time on the morning of our visit. We were given tickets to be submitted at the Pass Office (we had gotten the annual funpass) in exchange for the actual funpass which came with a lanyard and some souvenir pins as well as some shopping and meal vouchers. I figured it was more worthwhile getting the pass so we have the flexibility of entering the park as and when we liked. Upon checking with the guest relations office, we were told that we could enter the park that day, so that was a lovely surprise. Princess was all excited but this mummy wasn't really prepared with her big bulky bag which got in the way of the rides. As poor hubby waited for us at Coffee Bean while we 'checked out' the park, I couldn't bear to stay there for hours. Besides, he wasn't feeling too good that day. So, even though Princess only went on 4 rides, and this mummy on 2, I had to call it a day with a promise to return the next day, which we did. :D

The first ride we went for was Shrek 4D of course. We enjoyed it very much.

Upon exiting that ride, we came to Fairy Godmother's Potion shop which had this little ferriswheel.

With the meal voucher that came with the purchase of funpasses, we got this popcorn container. The vouchers were only good for that day so no matter what, we had to get rid of them. Just as well, we didn't have to actually spend them at the restaurants.

This was taken on our second visit, the day after. It was a gloomy, rainy day and we got wet a lot.

She's trying to check out where to go. Haha.

The Accelerator ride, works like the teacups in Disneyland. Doesn't work for this dizzy mummy.

The infamous Battlestar Gallactica ride which broke down in its first week of the park's opening. It is still closed, but that doesn't affect me as NO WAY will I go on that!

Entrance to the Revenge of the Mummy ride... still thinking... doubt I have the guts. ;P


Little Corner of Mine said...

How great that there is a Universal Studios in Singapore. It will be a fun vacation for the neighboring countries too.

SIG said...

Yes, C, we're so lucky. And we have been lucky with the weather on the 3 occasions we were there. Yesterday's weather was perfect! By Singaporean standard, perfect means not much sun, a little overcast sky and cool breeze. :)

SIG said...

By the way, yes, we do get lots of Malaysians, Indonesians and Hongkongers.

joven said...
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Angeleyes said...

I waited so long for this and when it is finally here I have a baby... *sigh*

When we were in LA the other time, Darrius was a baby and we can only take the rides selectively. In fact most of the time, my hubby will let me take the rides but alone so not so fun lar! :P

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Come, come, eagerly awaiting your arrival. Now you have more reasons to visit our shores on top of visiting this friend. ;p