Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kichi Kichi

Went for a meal at the new Kichi Kichi steamboat restaurant in City Square Mall with bff and her family. It's a new concept conveyor belt steamboat place and instead of little dishes of sushi platters, what you get are plates of ingredients for your steamboat. There are two types of seating - one is booth which can seat 6 people if I'm not wrong. Best to check with restaurant when you call to make reservations; and the other is counter seats (my personal favourite). You can cook in your own pot whatever combination of food items you like and not worry about someone else dishing out your favourite food.

It's very bright and clean and there was a large variety of food to pick from. First you choose the stock you want, and next you get to choose two special items from the menu. However, I thought it was really silly as those same items could be found on the conveyor belt. We had an early dinner thus the restaurant was empty. You usually need to make a reservation.

I chose the beef and sliced fish. Both were very good and fresh.

My own pot.

The highly recommended sesame sauce to dip the food in.

Kichi Kichi - City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road, #02-23/24

Tel : 91701146


Shazz said...

I've definitely got to try this!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! I like the idea, it's more hygienic too.

Angeleyes said...

I ever had this idea of such a steamboat place but no $$$ to make it happen!