Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear neighbour

Dear upstairs neighbour,

Well, I shouldn't even say 'dear' since you are nowhere near 'dear' to me. It has been over 7yrs since you've moved in and unfortunately, that's how long we've had to put up with the noises you make each and every day, till this day. I honestly cannot comprehend what goes through your tiny brains. You are fully aware that there are people living below you as we have made many visits to your home, each time to shush the kids up. However, you continue to be oblivious to us and go about with nary a care, allowing the kids to jump, run, scream and drop toys countless times a day. My hubby, as you know, is a frequent 'visitor' to your home, not that he likes to do it, but does he have a choice? Why is it that only when you see his face, do you pretend to get the kids to lower down the noise pollution level?

I think you are just a selfish and irresponsible set of parents. And what did you tell the town council guy when he came to visit you regarding this problem? That they are kids and you can't control them??? What sort of parents are you?? I just think you couldn't care less.

Well, I have a right to peace in my own home, not that I get any at all most days. When days are hot and long, and sometimes that gives me a headache as it is, and your child jumps about and runs like an elephant, it compounds my headache and turns it into a migraine with the constant thumping. When your two kids grew up, the noise level dipped just a little, not very much, but just about bearable, who was to know that you would produce another who is now following in the footsteps of her sisters. I also know when your 9 & 11-yr-old girls are home from school as that is when the pounding begins, at 1.30pm each and every day. And really, do they need to scream at the top of their voices every evening while playing? Can't you take them out to the field to let them burn off excess energy??

It used to annoy me till no end when my girl was studying in the afternoon session last year. Where I could have had another hour or more of sleep, I was not allowed that privilege by your 2-yr-old who loved to play with her toys on the bedroom floor at 7am or just before that time each morning. I hate to have disturbed sleep especially when I know I don't need to wake so early. I am a late sleeper and thus would like sufficient rest if I can in the mornings. But then again, your kids are late sleepers too as I often hear sounds at 11plus in the night, or do they sleep at all, since they are up and about by 6am??

Just two weeks ago when my girl was studying for her exams in the afternoon, did your kids not have exams too, or are they simply too smart and do not need to study, because I heard lots of thumping upstairs?

Sometimes I have the urge to call up the police, but I always try to calm myself down. As it is, it's weird bumping into each other in the lifts, and I know you try to avoid us too. But why do you need to even do that in the first place, if all you have to do is try to control the kids? That way you can hold your head up high and we could be friendly neighbours.

I hope and wish and pray that this June holidays will be a peaceful one. Please take them back to India again for the entire month. Last December was bliss, and it did 'sound' weird with the peace and quiet every day. I even thought you had left the neighbourhood, and frankly, I hope for the day when you do.

Your neighbour downstairs.


edith said...

I thought you should be totally pissed but this post is far too polite.

SIG said...

Hahaha edith, I'm a nice person. I don't like confrontations, unless you push me beyond the limit. :)

Beau Lotus said...

It's the lava boiling under a dormant volcano :-)

That's why I am so happy that I do not have any neighbours here. Just a house in the middle of the field. I know that I will miss this when I leave Italy.

They do sound unreasonable and it's quite rare to have Singaporeans so incapable of controlling their children.

SIG said...

Hahaha, Lotus. You are sooooo lucky. No dear, Singaporean parents these days have become very selfish and they spoil their kids a lot. You meant to say it is rare to have Singaporean parents controlling their kids. Hahha.

tina said...

You poor thing! Even when I was in SG and living in a flat, luckily I did not have to go through what you are going thru now. Hopefully one day soon, either they will move out or they will be able to do something about their children.