Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fiesta at school

The secondary school held it's annual fiesta at school yesterday and it was the first time the primary school were invited to take part in it. How exciting!

About a month ago, I received an email asking for volunteer parents to donate baked goods, sweets etc for the stall run by the parent support group. It sounded very exciting and I love 'parties' like these.

I spent an entire day baking, taking a couple hours of rest in-between, and started decorating, packing during the evening, and didn't finish getting them looking pretty and all done till almost 11pm on Thursday. I needed to get them delivered to school between 7-7.30am yesterday. Of course, since I had to send them and the girl to school, it meant I needed to wake at 5.30 to get myself ready. I even told the girl that I was just going to wake her up once and if she didn't wake up and if she gave me problems, I was going to the funfair and leaving her at home. Well, the threat worked! Hehe. We left as planned at 6.35 and were lucky to get a cab immediately as the street was deserted at that time of the morning. We got into school just before 7am and wow, I was really surprised to see that 3/4 of the canteen was packed with girls! Goodness, what time did they all arrive?? Some, like mine, were running around with their friends, some were ordering and having their breakfast in the canteen, and there were also girls jogging on the track. It's nice to see firsthand what happens in school in the mornings as it's a real privilege for me. As my girl goes to school in the school bus and as the school is a fortress (very strict with allowing parents and public in), it was nice to be there to soak it all in.

These brownie cones were my contribution to the PSG (parents support group) stall. I made use of most of my sprinkles and was really happy with the result.

Here they are, all nicely wrapped.

I ran out of cones towards the end and was mad at myself for remembering to buy more butter and chocolate while I was out, but conveniently forgetting the cones, which were not in my thoughts at all. But I love these cups which I finally had a use for. Very pretty vertical lines.

I love this piece of artwork made by a volunteer mum. How artistic she is. In fact, she did all the artwork for our stall. And on top of that, she is a very nice lady. It's my first time meeting her and she left me with a deep impression with her warm and friendly personality. It's people like that who make the world a much nicer place to live in. I met a few mums yesterday and she and another lady left me with very good impressions.

The plan for me wasn't to help at the stall initially, but I did offer to help set up the stall. As I was one of the first few mums there, I helped the nice lady, F, to put up the signs. When she had to leave to help out with teaching the girls life skills, I was left alone to man the stall. Meanwhile, the person-in-charge received a call from the candy floss supplier that he couldn't send any manpower to man the machines. I told her I could stay to help out with the stall if they needed more hands. And that was how I ended up staying there from 7am -5pm and by the end of which, I couldn't feel my feet. There were no seats and the only bench available was always filled with people so between few minutes here and there of stealing a space for my butt, I had to stand majority of the day. I'm so thankful to SS who was there to join in the fun, for offering to send me and the princess home. I could hardly walk to the car. Haha. But I did have a very enjoyable day and would very much like to do it again next time round. :)

The goodies...

My brownies

Some chocolate chip cookies which started off being sold for $2 but later all cookies were slashed down to $1 as we simply had too many of them once more parents started bringing them in.

These got to be the cutest cuppies ever! I bought two of them and packed them up in my bag, but I didn't manage to get to consume them as the ants got to them first and in my bag!! Shucks! I freaked out when I went to check on them as I saw many many creepy crawlies all over the place, and true enough, they had gone into the boxes, so unfortunately I had to throw them out. You know how I am around these pests. So, sad to say, I never got to taste them. :(

I bought a little sheep and chick. What a pity.

I love these little flower cookies and bought 2 packets of them as they were of different colours. A sucker for such cuties I am.

Meringues were very saleable once the kids knew what they were and had tried them out. These were cheap at $1 for 2 packets. Each packet had 3 pieces.

More cupcakes for sale, some healthy quaker bars, quacker mini crisps, and yoghurt sweets ($2 for a big packet) were going for very cheap as they were near their expiry.

These cupcakes, too, were very popular and were the first to be gone.

Most of the volunteer mums at our stall were eating this nasi bryani. It was very popular and was sold out in seconds. I was told it was mutton at first and since I don't eat mutton, decided to give it a miss even though I love briyani. The mum who was eating it tried to convince me to go for it as it didn't have any of the funny taste associated with mutton. We later found out that it was vegetarian, thus mock mutton. I was at the stall in seconds, queuing for a packet to take home for my dinner. The thing with me is that when I am super tired, plus the heat on top of it, I won't have an appetite to eat. The lady who was dishing out these yummies assured me it was fine to keep it till the evening. The briyani was cooked by her elderly mum and the entire dish had a very authentic homecooked flavour. Loved the achar too, which was very fresh.

How could I resist these cuties?? Aren't they too lovely to be eaten? Which is why I have kept them safely away from the princess who has only been given one Pooh so far.

Hubby came home from work with a chicken pie for his dinner as well as for Saturday's lunch. I believe it's from the famous Don's Pie shop. They sell them very cheaply at work when the vendor comes on Fridays.


Beau Lotus said...

Ah ants...they are back with a vengeance here too! Hate them.

They were lovely your contributions and glad to see that you had fun making and selling them.

Brought back memories of myself at school such a long time ago just looking at those banners and glimpses of the school...

SIG said...

beau - They are my worst nightmare! We came home that day and washed soles of or footwear, wiped down her school bag and clothes right into the washing machine as the melted candy floss created a mess in the entire area and someone spilled a whole cup of juice at the area where we were working. I was horrified! I didn't wanna invite 'them' into my home.

Thank you, and yes it was tiring but fun.

Angeleyes said...

So fun!!!!!

javapot said...

Your brownie - did you cut the shape out and place it in the ice-cream cone? pretty.

SIG said...

javapot - Brownie was baked in the ice-cream cone. Try it.