Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy birthday MS

Little MS is a friend Princess made at swimming class a few years ago. She is a year younger than Princess. Together with HT & his mum, we all hit it off pretty well and even though the kids are no longer learning swimming together, we mums are still very much in touch and we meet up once in a while for breakfast. It will get tougher to meet once HT starts P1 next year.

On the day of MS's birthday, I was chatting with her mum on MSN, and she was telling me she presented MS with a chocolate cake for her breakfast before school. The little girl had a lovely surprise, followed by lunch specially prepared for her by her doting maternal grandma.

I know MS admires the bentos that I make so I wanted to surprise her with one for her birthday but since I only found out about her birthday the morning itself, and she already had lunch plans, I decided to prepare one the day after. I had limited (food) materials to play with. It was a bit tough but thankfully I managed to pull it off and was rather pleased with the end result.

I had forgotten about the alphabet pasta that I had bought in Penang but came across them while I was searching for stuff for the bento. I made the words 'Happy birthday MxxSxxx', but while putting the bento together, there were too many letters to fit in, thus I had to forgo the name.

In the top box, there was plain rice with furikake, sugarbunny carrot, piece of tomato, wanton & chicken karaage. I use a smurfette pasta to decorate the boring brown chicken. In the second box there were tulip strawberries, sugarbunnies Nutella sandwiches, a Ferrero Rocher and 2 pieces of marshmallows. I also made another set for her friend whom MS's mum was babysitting that day.

The girls were delighted with their lunch and sounded very happy when they called to thank me. Am glad I brightened up their day. :D

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