Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forgotten bentos

I had a ton of photos in the camera which were waiting to be transferred to the Mac. I finally have time to sort them out and thus am able to blog again. These two bentos were made over the past two weeks and I had actually forgotten about them. I got the picks I've been longing for and couldn't wait to put them to use. The little girl pick and the musical notes ones were what I wanted very much as they are so super cute. The musical notes range is a little on the expensive side but the quality is really good. In the bento, I had kyuri, strawberry, young corn, an anchor-shaped fish nugget and rice ball covered with sakura denbu and decorated with Hamtaro flakes.

Using my new stainless steel bento (I couldn't find a round one, thus made do with an oval-ish one). I got it at the John Little closing down sale in Orchard Road. In the bento, there is plain rice with fish nuggets, a piece of baked salmon, shredded lettuce, strawberries and dragonfruit. Also using my new picks which were sent over to me by a friend.

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Angeleyes said...

cute little Hamtaro flakes!