Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yhing Thai Palace

Just realized I have loads of photos on my iPhone which have not been transferred onto the Mac. They were taken at some of the eating establishments we visited over the past weeks. Yhing Thai Palace was from my birthday dinner with my dad, and I had forgotten about it. However, the photos in the next 3 posts are not very sharp due to them being taken on my phone.

Love the setting of one of my favourite Thai restaurants. I remember patronising them when they had a small shop in Kallang Leisure Park during the old days, way before it was torn down to be built as what it is today. Back when Palm Beach seafood restaurant was their neighbour and the entire mall was always packed with theatre-goers from the nearby Kallang Theatre as well as the football fans from the National Stadium. My father and I are very particular about rice and the feel of it in our mouths. We love them chewy and not mushy or too soft. We like those that you can taste each and every grain. The rice here was of a superior quality and had a lovely fragrance and it was simply special, but we couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. It was our favourite rice as far I knew.

The small portion of green curry chicken which wasn't enough for the 6 of us, thus we ordered a second portion. The serving portions were really small but I didn't complain as we had a very big lunch and I couldn't stuff more food in even if I wanted to.

Sambal long beans with prawns. Delicious!

Ok I have forgotten the name of this fish dish. It comes with a 3-flavour sauce.

Stirfried baby kailan. Princess loves this very simple crunchy dish.

Thai fishcake.

Thai Otah. I've always loved how they serve it.

Red rubies, jackfruit and palm fruit in a coconut base. Nothing special about this. More ice than anything else.

Mango with glutinous rice. We had 2 servings.

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