Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some pretty things... and a cooking class

I made my first fondant cupcakes last week. Proud of myself that I managed to pull it off. Along the way, there were broken petals, butterfly wings, flower stalks etc, but that did not put a dampener on things. I managed to make more new ones to replace. The cake itself turned out good as well. It was a lemon curd cupcake, one of my favourites. It was a hit with the girls. I got this idea out of a cake decor book and adapted it from there. In the original design, marshmallows were used. I decided to change my flowers to fondant ones instead. I'm glad I took on the challenge, and accomplished what I set out to do. As this is my first ever piece of work, I'm proud of it, even though it wasn't too perfect. :) I should have taken a better angle of the cupcake but as I was in a hurry, it was just snap and go.

I shall work on it more and hopefully by princess' birthday next year, I'll be able to make a whole cake for her. :) The problem though, is that I am not a creative person, so I need to work on that. Need lots more research and practise.

On Mother's Day, I received a card each from princess and hubby, plus a little note princess wrote me during Chinese class. That made me very happy. I'm so proud of her especially where the Chinese language is concerned. Glad to see her enjoying the language and also curiously asking the meaning of words when she spies them on tv, or when we are out and about. She'll check them on my iphone which has a dictionary and sometimes, she'd even write them down when she gets home. I am pleased that I made the right decision in sending her to Chinese Speech and Drama class and in knowing that she is enjoying every minute of it.

The two carnations were bought in church on Sunday morning for her grandma and godma.

I spent an afternoon on Mother's Day with some friends learning to make prawn noodles. It was fun and we all felt like we were back in school again, going for home economics class. :D

The most delicious pork ribs, fall off the bone goodness.

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