Thursday, May 6, 2010

Losing it...

I really thought I had lost it... my mind that is. Just last week, a mum from class messaged me regarding the dates of the exams and I confidently told her that it was English paper 2 tomorrow, and right up to this afternoon, actually believed that. So, imagine my shock and embarrassment when I came across the exam timetable while sorting the mountain high of textbooks, assessment books, files etc, and realized that that mum was right after all! It isn't tomorrow but Monday that they will sit for the main paper as well as listening comprehension. I couldn't understand how I had made that error and came up with the date 7 May that was in my diary, but she soon proved that I didn't lose my sanity. Her explanation was that the school had given us our termly newsletter and that was the original date given. I must have written those dates down in my diary. It was later followed by an updated timetable, which was the one I referred to today. The good news is that I have another 3 days to revise more stuff with her!

Really feeling the heat now - temperature, stress, temper... The weather has been terribly unbearable. I really wish some rain would fall to take away the terribly intense heat. It gave me a migraine last Sunday and it has been years since I last had one. It also makes me very easily irritable lately.

This is Princess' cleaning week in school, so this poor mum has been getting up at 5.30am again. It was prata with sausage yesterday and chicken teriyaki onigiri today. Gosh imagine cooking rice at 5.30 in the morning! :( Thank goodness this is a short week and tomorrow is Friday! Yippee! Don't need to wake so early tomorrow as she requested a simple Nutella bread and it's usually a pack of Milo for breakfast before she goes for her morning run in school. :)

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


edith said...

you are not the only one. I tot it was 7 May too!

daphne said...

hope all the exam stress is slowly melting away! Remember to take care of yourself too.