Friday, April 9, 2010

Wendy's Lau Pa Sat

Mum and I made a trip down to Wendy's to try out their burgers. There was a lot of hype around it when it first made its way back to our little island. We have been shelving plans to visit the outlet as it's pretty inconvenient when you think about it. The outlet is right smack in the middle of the Central Business District, which we had no business being in. We were new to their offerings and took quite a while to decide what to eat. It helped that we were the only ones placing an order as it was not quite lunch time yet. We decided to go for the basic 1/4 burger, can't remember what they named them, but it means one slice of patty. They have 2 & 3 patty burgers as well. We went for the set which came with a packet of fries and a drink. The side order of baked potatoes seem to be popular so we tried out the cheese and chilli combo.

I'm sad to say that the patties were really a letdown. They were dry and miserable-looking, and the slice of cheese wasn't melted well. Some parts of it did not melt at all on both burgers. The bun wasn't too bad, but other than that, nothing else was nice about it. The potato was lovely though, with plenty of sauce over it. It was served piping hot - I believed they were placed in the microwave before serving. The fries, on the other hand, were mildy warm and dry. We hardly touched those. Will definitely not be making a visit there again. I'd go for Burger King or Carl's Junior any day.

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HK Choo said...

Wendy's that bad? Now we prefer Carl's Jr than BK.