Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New stuff

Whilst browsing the aisles yesterday, I came across these Oreo soft cakes in NTUC. Have you seen them? The curious me had to grab a box to try out. Lucky princess. :) She had two pieces to try, but no verdict from her.

The big packet only holds a very small piece of cake and I managed to sink my teeth into one today and verdict? I didn't quite like it. It wasn't great. I think it's better they stick to the cookie.

I've always wanted one of these although it wasn't of paramount importance, and I wouldn't pay top dollar for one. I mean we hardly even eat hardboiled eggs haha. The only time we do is when I need them for salads (which is extremely seldom), and when I make egg mayo filling for sandwiches. The ones I spied before this all cost in the vicinity of $10, so imagine my excitement when I spied this in Daiso. Into the basket it went. Now, I'm waiting for an opportunity to make use of it. Damn! I forgot to boil some eggs for my curry noodles last evening! :P


Angeleyes said...

I bought a few the other time I was in Daiso Plaza Sing leh... I gave away the extra that I bought... :P
Maybe they really run out fast!

SIG said...

Hahah Angeleyes, maybe my eyes didn't open big big. Unlike you, I have small eyes. :P