Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Deep fried carrot cake sticks

What gorgeous fingers, but oh so unhealthy. I got these right off the wok this morning, before the hawker had time to even pack them up in bags. They were freshly fried and were still piping hot when I got home. A guilty indulgence for once in a blue moon is fine. :) Just look at all the artery-clogging oil on them. One must not think too much when enjoying once in a while unhealthy food. :P


Little Corner of Mine said...

HAHAHA...I agreed! Can't really think too much if not can't even enjoy the unhealthy food once in a while.

tigerfish said...

Yep....when enjoying unhealthy food, let the heart (and not the head) take control...quite ironical right?

SIG said...

Hahha ladies, yes, any excuse to eat unhealthy food. ;p