Monday, April 26, 2010

Little piggies & Stitch bento

The photo above is for the benefit of a friend who said I didn't show her the full picture of my sandwich bento previously, so here you go girl. :P I didn't use this intentionally but it was the first bento box I saw when I opened my full to the brim bento shelf. Rather than digging in there and in the midst of it, having to take the whole lot of them out, this one seemed to fit the size I needed, so I decided to use it, killing two birds with one stone. :D

This bento took me a much shorter time than my last froggy one, approximately 1/2hr? I purchased some sushi while out grocery shopping, and preparing the fruits was easy, cutting 'V's in the strawberries to turn them into tulips; using my egg cutter to cut up the golden kiwi to give it ridges, and lastly just simply cutting some tomatoes into quarters. The soy sauce was placed in the blue cup.

Next was boiling some cha soba and mixing together the dipping sauce, which was basically soy sauce diluted with water. I don't know how many of you have tried the cha soba that you can get cheaply at Daiso, but personally I find them rather powdery in texture, so I tend to spend a bit more (double the price actually) for a better quality one. The princess loves cha soba but they don't sell it in school. The Bento Box stall in school only sells soba, so she's kind of gotten used to eating that.

The piggies took up the most of my time. I was planning on doing the Rillakuma bears but at the last minute, I couldn't find any blogs with tutorial, and while checking out Mothering Corner for inspiration, I came across piggies. How easy to do with so simple to follow instructions! But in the rush, with no time to look for cutters, the snouts where cut manually using a knife. Glad they still turned out ok though.


Lia Chen said...

Cute piggies, nice to put in on the top of the soba! Eek? You put those cute Stitch kamaboko? Can you get those in Singapore? Cool ... (^.^)

SIG said...

Tks Lia Chen for visiting. Yes we get Stitch, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Minnie Mouse and some piggy ones here. Do you visit Singapore? You can pick some up on your next visit if you do. :D