Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Curry noodles

I can't recall where I bought my first packet of ready mix under this same brand. If it wasn't from Penang, then it must have been from JB. That first packet was a curry chicken-flavoured one. I loved it and later on, found it on my local NTUC supermarket shelf. However, on the day that I wanted to pick a pack up, no curry chicken was available, thus I made do with the rendang. It was a mistake. I didn't like the end result and have decided to stick to the former flavour.

I cooked a big pot of curry using the mix, and had half a pot leftover. It so happened that we're in the midst of rainy season and it almost always rains every evening. This remainder pot of curry was put to good use last evening. I cooked some porridge for the princess as she's been complaining of tummy pains, thus something light would do her good. She didn't want to go to school this morning, saying her tummy hurt, but I wouldn't hear of it and got hubby to rub some tummy oil on her before packing her off to school. I boiled some bean sprouts and sliced some fishcakes, and together with laksa noodle, created a curry noodle dish. To top it off, I finely cut some laksa leaves and sprinkled them over the noodles. Lovely for a chilly evening of thunderstorm. Princess had a small bowl of it in the end. I'm very proud of her now that she can take spicy curry. I have not tried other spicy food stuff but curry alone is enough for now. It makes cooking easier. And to think that all this started with her first taste of Japanese curry. She won't eat roti prata now, without curry. :)

This curry was not cooked with coconut milk, as with most of the curries I prepare. It ensures that I get to enjoy it without suffering from all the pain the coconut would otherwise do to me. I simply replaced the coconut with normal fresh milk. At times, I use evaporated milk but I usually have a lot of the milk left and do not know what else to do with it, thus it was a waste. Fresh milk is handier.


Susan Yuen said...

Yum, that looks really delicious!

SIG said...

Tks Susan.