Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Day bento

It has been quite some time since I last made a bento, but in any case, I have lost count and don't bother keeping track, thus I named this one a 'Happy Day' bento.

I finally made use of the alphabet cutters from Angeleyes and used them on picnic ham to form the words. Not knowing what words to use, I decided on 'Happy Day'. Was it really a happy day? Well, I don't know but I guess so. I managed to sleep in for a further 3hrs this morning as hubby had gotten up in the early morning to watch soccer on the tele and after preparing the girl's water bottle and packing her breakfast, I left hubby with instructions to send girl down to wait for the school bus. I went back to snooze for a little while more. :D The alarm was set for 10.15am but I was up by 9.30.

The past two weeks have been a busy time for me as I had to shuttle to and from school 4 times a week. Well, actually, I gave up last week and got the bus driver to send her home all 4 days. It freed up some spare time for me and it was lighter on the pocket as taxi fare took up a big chunk. The train service has started and it is now very convenient travelling that way and the best part is, the number of days a week that she has to stay back has gone back down to only 2. Hurray!

The good thing about those stay back days is that I do not need to prepare lunch. I guess I have to buck up now. ;)

In this bento, I have prepared a Teriyaki mince with bean sprouts using leftover mince from yesterday's porridge dinner for the princess. There were the usual suspects - cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes and crabsticks. To fill up the space, I put in a packet of yoghurt drink. There's also a piece of Belgian chocolate to cover up the little bit of white left in the box. Do you spy the little kitty in the mayonnaise container? Cute, right? It was a gift from her classmate's mum. So sweet of her to share that with us. :) Thank you.

Eat up quickly, before dear Kitty steals your food away! She's eyeing the candy, me thinks. ;P

A whole boxful of precious candies.


Angeleyes said...

Oooo... these candies are very sweeeeet! First saw them in Perth but I guess they have mushroomed in other parts of the world... pretty popular... I almost wanted to get them as wedding favors but spending RM1K+ for candies my hubby will think I'm nutz! LOL

It is great that you've finally gone back to bento-ing life again! Keep it up! :D

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Ya, we have them candies here too but I never checked them out to see if they have kitty ones, although I know they can personalise them. These were from Japan thus able to get Kitty. :) So what was your wedding favour in the end? I don't know if I will stay for the course, but your bentos are an inspiration. :)